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douchiest bars in dallas and fort worth?

Dallas is at war with itself over what makes a good nightlife scene. Deep Ellum is being invaded by Uptown-like posh bars pushing the incumbent bar goers out to scrounge around the city for new places to spend their nights. Uptown seems to be past its accusations of racism and at least one long-time bar in the neighborhood is shutting down to make way for more overly priced rental apartments. Tensions are starting to run high among the creatures of the night in Dallas and now, somehow, Fort Worth is getting dragged into this boozy battle.

A few days ago a writer for the local blog Central Track published a list of the “Douchiest Bars” in Dallas and included on that list one bar located in Fort Worth, Trophy Ranch. Perhaps the author was unaware that Trophy Ranch is a full 41 minutes drive from Dallas (according to Google Maps) making it the bar farthest away from the city included on this list which also has bars from Plano and Addison. The author also states that she added them to this list partially due to their being related to the Uptown bar Trophy Room, but decided to not add Trophy Room to the list of douchiest bars in Dallas.

trophy ranch to dallas map

At best this list, which also included Back 9 in Addison and Henry’s Tavern in Plano, feels like a hit list based on a personal vendetta the writer has against the atmosphere in each bar/club or how she was/feels like she was treated at the establishments. A discussion in the Dallas Reddit Facebook Group has people confused about the list or what the author considers to be “douchy”. Some of those comments like “Where is the line?” and “Amazed that uptown had only three, instead of dominating the whole list.”? Also considering Kung Fu Saloon, Concrete Cowboy, Truth and Alibi, Happiest Hour, Black Friar, and Side bar also missed the list, even as honorable mentions. Seem to highlight this bias.

facebook reddit group on douchey bars

Maybe we’ll write a list of “The least douchey bars in Dallas” and make it nothing but bars in Sundance, West 7th, Magnolia, and the Stockyards.

It’s a good time to remind Dallas people of one simple fact:

Keep your fights over Dallas nightlife East of the DFW Airport please.

P.S. We’re also slightly offended that Trophy Ranch was the only Fort Worth bar on the list. Why not Reservoir or new comer Ampersand?

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