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It’s summertime in the FWD and many residents are looking for ways to make extra money to help fund vacations, trips to Six Flags, and Texas Rangers games. We’ve created this list in partnership with FWD based DinDin Party to help you find the perfect way to make extra cash this summer.

1. The number one way you can make extra money is to host a Dinner party at your house. Invite only your friends or classmates or let anyone come. Fort Worth-Dallas based start up DinDin party opened for business in November and has been helping people host awesome dinner parties all over the metroplex ever since. Charge your attendees by the plate and make up to $300 per event (depends on how much you charge, how many seats you have, and how many people buy tickets). If need help with ideas the experts at DinDin Party will happily help you out.

One of DinDin Party’s first successful events was here in Fort Worth where locals got the chance to try authentic Nepalese food.

2. Drive other people. You probably already know this, but driving for Uber or Lyft is easy to get started with and can help you make money on your own terms, in your own car, and at the times of day you want to work. Not only is this easy to do to make extra cash, but it’s also incredibly helpful to other residents. There’s nothing better than waking up home safe after a night out with friends two stepping at the Stock Yards or partying in West 7th.

3. Deliver Packages for Amazon. Amazon Flex drivers deliver packages for Amazon and the company claims you can make $18 to $25 per hour.

4. Rent out your room / apartment / house. Using AirBnB you can rent out your extra space or your entire home and allow other people to pay you to stay there.

5. Deliver other stuff. You can work for app companies like Task Rabbit, DoorDash, Instacart, Drizly, or Mini Bar to deliver food, alcohol, and other things people in the Fort Worth-Dallas metro area are buying on their smart phones.

6. If you don’t mind driving east over the trinity river and into the confines of Downtown Dallas you can earn extra cash by picking up and charging electric scooters. Bird, a new company in the area, is currently paying $5 per scooter per night that you pickup, charge, and return.

Fort Worth residents who unfortunately work in Downtown Dallas can snag a few scooters on their way home and bring them back in the morning making extra $$ for the same daily trip.

7. Make stuff for other people. There’s never been a better time to sell handmade goods since the invention of the factory. Make stuff and sell it on the website to people all over who love handmade goods.

8. Sell some of your extra stuff. You can use Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Let Go, of the 5 Miles app to sell things you have laying around the house that you don’t use – like that shirt that says how much you love Dallas. If you can’t sell things on these websites try and have a garage sale if you can but when you realize no one wants to buy that shirt you could probably just burn it and be ok.

9. Use your digital skills to make more money. Everyday millions of people are buying online services from websites like Fiverr, Envato Studio, UPWork, and the Reddit Hire for Gigs Subreditt or the For Hire Subreddit. If you can do web design, write, post to social media, or have a good voice there’s a chance someone out there wants to hire you for a gig.

10. Join online programs like InstaGC and earn gift cards for completing surveys, watching videos, and shopping online.

11. Earn rewards with Microsoft. You can earn rewards points and swap them for gift cards or purchases from Microsoft when you search with the Bing search engine.

12. Buy products on clearance at local stores and sell those items on Amazon for full price. This will cost you about $40/month to be an Amazon Seller so you can scan items with the app and the practice has been barred by some stores.

13. Take your old books, video games, and vinyl albums to Half Price Books and see how much they’ll pay you for them. Note: We’ve been told the price given is exclusive to the store you are visiting. If you don’t like the price try another store. They also don’t give you a break down on the price by item, so you may want to take small batches of related items to the store.

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