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School hadn’t started yet, but that didn’t stop Fort Worth / Arlington area parents and kids from rallying to fight against the bullying that will surely take place during the school year before it even starts. The event was held by local area personal trainer, fitness competitor, and anti-bullying expert Bo Brown at the new TexPlex Park in Midlothian, TX and drew about 85 adults and children to participate, with more than 50 kids taking part.

The “1st annual B3 Against Bullying Picnic” was designed as a fundraiser and family event for Bo’s anti-bullying campaign [a registered 501(c)(3)] which will eventually include an app that allows kids being bullied to reach out for help and mentorship. The event featured awesome cars, monster trucks, off-road vehicles, a barbecue cookout, a dunk tank, bounce houses, face painting, and was capped off with a race at night to entertain those that attended. (note: B3 comes from the name of Bo’s personal training business “Body By Bo” which he often abbreviates as B3)

If you haven’t heard of Bo Brown’s B3 Against Bullying yet, you’ll probably be hearing about him and his work soon, especially if you have school age kids. Bo has spent the past few years volunteering to speak about bullying to local schools and allows kids to call him and chat if they wish. He began this crusade after hearing about children taking their own lives due to being bullied in school and as a parent decided that’s not the world he wants his kids to grow up in. The message of positivity and inclusiveness he’s been spreading is enough to make any parent or formerly bullied adult cry a little with one of the phrases the B3 Against Bullying team has been using lately is “You Can Sit With Us”, the anti-thesis of a phrase often used by youth to reject people they don’t want to associate with in the lunch room at school, encouraging adults to teach their kids to be kind to one another.

Bo is not stopping at just local school talks and rallying local parents together though, he’s already begun reaching out to state senators in an attempt to pass the first anti-bullying legislation in Texas which would seek to hold parents and the kids that bully others liable for the consequences of their actions.

The 1st Annual B3 Against Bullying Picnic raised around $600 for the organization.

You can help out the B3 Against Bullying cause and get alerts for their next event on their Facebook page:

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