The Yoga Project is Giving Yoga Scholarships to 20 Young Women 0 1499

Stacy Dockins, co-owner of the Yoga Project School, is giving 20 completely free yoga scholarships to young women in the Fort Worth area!

Stacy’s yoga course teaches girls ages 15 to 20 how to relieve stress with yoga. Over the course of ten days, students will learn proper yoga posture, how to mindfully meditate, how to cultivate compassion for themselves and others by practicing yoga, and more. They’ll also get certified so that they can teach others these same techniques.

The program will run from July 25th to August 3rd at the Yoga Project School. Students will be expected to attend classes from 8 AM to 4 PM every day. The course usually costs $3,000, but for anyone awarded a scholarship, it’s completely free!

If you know a young woman who loves yoga or wants to become a yoga teacher, tell her to apply here before July 8th – that’s when the Yoga Project School stops accepting applications for this amazing summer program.

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